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Summer 2014: Visit from Haining Middle School

SDMHS & Community Host Visitors from Haining, China

Many thanks to our parent volunteer and professional photographer, Nancy Nancy Rimms Staples who traveled with the group every day and created this presentation.
During July, we were fortunate to host 30 students and their teachers from the Haining Middle School. Ruth Fitzpatrick and Kathleen Jenkins created an itinerary, which included: a visit to UMO, Fort Knox State Park, the Owl's Head Transportation Museum and Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. 
The Chinese students and their Searsport student hosts also went kayaking, bowling and shopping for souvenirs. The visit concluded with a traditional lobster feed.
The experience was so enriching and rewarding. Students and adults from both countries learned so much about diversity and about another culture. We taught each other games, dances, basic Mandarin and English.
We are hoping to host another Chinese school during the summer of 2015.