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Guidance Standards

  •  Personal and Community Growth and Responsibility

The student will demonstrate individual growth and community responsibility, respect and understanding.

Demonstrated By…

    1. Acquiring the attitudes, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to understand and respect self and others in order to be a contributing member of the community.
    2. Becoming a clear and effective communicator.
    3. Utilizing their personal strengths and skills to be a contributing member of the community.
    4. Using integrative and informed thinking in all areas of life.
  • Educational and Career Choices and Decisions

The student will explore, plan, and manage his/her present and future educational and career goals.

Demonstrated By…

    1. Investigating options, applying self-knowledge, and making decisions.
    2. Learning and practicing meaningful goal setting.
    3. Developing and practicing educational skills (study skills, organizational skills, learning style, etc).
    4. Developing and maintaining balance relating to work, self, and others.
  • Healthy Living Styles and Personal Awareness

The student will explore and gain an understanding of who they are as individuals, and how to cope with and adjust to life's circumstances.

Demonstrated By…

    1. Utilizing creative and practical problem solving skills, including stress and conflict resolution.
    2. Utilizing effective coping skills.
    3. Making healthy choices.
    4. Acquiring an understanding of their individuality and self (including their strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, etc.).