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Dear Community, Parents, and Students:  

I am thrilled to be your principal for grades 6-12 again this year.  Our goal this year as a school district is to focus on Making a Difference in the lives of our students.  Everything we do, every professional development opportunity, lesson, assembly, and staff meeting will be with this vision in mind.  We will continue with the initiatives that support this vision: 

PBIS or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  Instead of punishing students when expectations are not followed, our goal is to teach and support students so that they can be successful. Our attitude is that we need to teach students the skills to be successful, we cannot assume that our students know how to behave in every situation.  Our goal is to not only explicitly teach our students academics, but also all expectations that contribute to creating a solid learning environment that honors the Viking Code of being safe, responsible, and respectful students.  We teach and value the whole child.  

Similarly, in academics, we cannot assume that every student "gets it" after being taught once. We offer RtI, Response to Intervention, which means we have systems in place to ensure that we are monitoring all students' progress continuously. When they are struggling to attain a concept or skill, we are responding, we are putting interventions in place immediately to help each student see success. To that end, we have time figured in for academic and behavioral interventions. 

We are working on creating meaningful advisories as this is one period of time built in the schedule where adults in the school can really build relationships with students so as to become their support.  It is important to us that every child have an adult that s/he can go to, count on, and be there for throughout their school experience.  We have also figured into advisory this year, more celebrations of successes.  We all flourish when we receive positive reinforcement.  Therefore, we are ramping up how often and how many successes we celebrate.  In the middle school, the student's homeroom teacher is their advisor.  In the high school, students are assigned to an advisor their freshman year.  They stay with this cohort throughout their high school career.  This fosters that ideal that each student have an adult to support them throughout their high school experience. 

In addition, our school district has adopted a new math program K-8.  Our high school teachers have been involved in this work at every level.  This means that you can count on a K-12 team approach to the teaching of mathematics aligned to the Common Core.  This also means that we will develop a common language for math and consistent parent to teacher communication.  Our hope is to foster that very important relationship between home and school in this very important area.  

We are also ramping up our use of the Student Information System: Infinite Campus (IC).  We are asking parents to provide email addresses and cell phone numbers.  This will be how you get much of your communication from the school.  If your child is absent, late to class, if school is called off due to snow, or students are sent home early, you will be notified immediately through this system.  I also send my newsletters and reminders of school events through IC. You will also have access to the parent portal so as to see how your child is performing in classes; and, you can monitor if s/he is turning work in on time and keeping up with academics in general.   Again, this is a great way to build the partnership between school and home.  

I have an open door.  Feel free to contact me via email or by making an appointment with me either directly or through my administrative assistant, Katie Treat.   Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. 

 Go Vikings!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Marianne DeRaps
548 - 2313

First Day of School Assembly

posted Sep 14, 2016, 7:29 AM by Marianne DeRaps   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 7:33 AM ]

On our first day of school, September, 01, 2016.  Mrs. DeRaps and the entire SDMHS staff greeted our students in an all school assembly.  Mrs. DeRaps introduced herself.  She informed the student body that she wanted them to have a strong voice in the school and would be meeting with representatives from each class on a regular basis.  


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